New Zealand’s Blue Ridge Koi Pond Supply and Jonathan Koi Menu Available online

The Blue Ridge koi and pond supply company Jonathan kokoi will be available online to buy from August 30, 2018.Jonathan Kokoi is located in New Zealand and supplies Blue Ridge Koi to all regions of New Zealand.The company also supplies Blue Ridges and Ridges to Australian markets, and provides fish and shellfish, koi for aquariums […]

How to breed Koi Fish for Goldfish Source: News24 title Koi fish breeders sell out by 10 per cent

Live koi are the king of the live fish market.With thousands of live kao in the water, the Japanese are keen to have them bred to produce goldfish.But how do you breed the fish to produce a goldfish?The answer is the Koi Pond Supply Company.The company’s president and CEO is Katsuo Uemura, who is a […]

Koi pond supplies are cheap, but they’re not worth it

Koi ponds are a cool, tropical water source that you can easily grow in your backyard.They’re great for growing mushrooms, lettuce and other veggies, and you can even grow mushrooms in them.They’ve even been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years, and they’ve even made it into a cool Japanese restaurant decoration.And, yes, the […]

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