Koi koi and butterfly ghost kong come together to create a ‘daring’ fish that is perfect for your dinner table

Koi Koi and Butterfly Ghost Kong, both popular Japanese feline koi that have gained worldwide attention in recent years, are coming together to make a “daring” new species of butterfly ghost fish.Koi kao and butterfly kong, popular Japanese koi called koi koi in the U.S., have been popular for years in Japan, and in 2014, […]

How a Japanese Koi fish was created, and what it means for the oceans

Posted September 17, 2018 12:16:30By Andrew SchleicherNew research shows that Koi, a member of the carp family, can swim, climb trees and eat plants and algae.Researchers found that the Japanese carp fish has a unique ability to adapt to its environment and is a valuable ecosystem asset.Koi are considered a vital ecosystem asset because of […]

How to Make Koi Watercolor and Koi Piercings in Your Own Studio

Koi ink and watercolor are popular for creating the most realistic, realistic looking tattoos and piercings, so why not try your hand at making your own?Koi pond kits are a good start if you want to try your own hand at creating a koi watercolor tattoo or a Koi piercING tattoo.I have been doing koi […]

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