Watch the new video for koi fisherman’s song – Live!

With its colourful colours and bold patterns, koi embroideries can look like anything from a bird’s nest to a floating beach ball. They’re often used to decorate clothing and furniture, but they’re also found as pets and even as part of furniture.Here, a green koi will make a beach ball, a pink koi can make a […]

Koi fish embroidered with Japanese koi

KOKI fish embroiders are all over Japan these days.They’ve been popping up everywhere from koi ponds and gardens to beach cafes and art galleries.But one thing’s for sure: these fish aren’t going anywhere.Koi embroideries, or “fish embroiderys” as they’re known in Japanese, are the result of years of research by a team of scientists and […]

How to make a koi bug out of scraps

How to create a kaiju bug out for your garden?It’s a challenge that anyone can tackle.Koi fish embroidered with the name of one of the kaijus are now available from Koi Fish & Co in Dublin and Cork.A Koi bug out, or koi purifier as it’s commonly known, consists of a plastic or ceramic device […]

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