How to make sushi with the koi (and the rest of the fish)

As the kokumis, the white, yellow, red, and blue koi are commonly known in Japan, the fish is often called “shiny.”However, this is not quite right.They’re not just the “shiniest” fish, but the most versatile of the four types.These are the “fish of the sea,” as they are called by many Japanese, and they are […]

‘Koi Express’ restaurant opens in Tokyo, hosts Japanese koi and pond fish

Tancho’s koi is on sale for ¥1,400 ($1.25) per pound, and the restaurant serves Japanese kai fish, a specialty.“It’s a very special dish for me, and I’m really happy about it,” Tanchomitsu says.“The koi’s flavor and the koi are not too high in calories, but the taste is very good.”Tancho, who also runs a sushi […]

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