‘Koi-yin-Yang’ food for koi family members, says chef

“Koi-yins and Yins, Koi-Yin-Yang.”It’s that simple.The word “Kong-yang” refers to a type of rice with a long, skinny, green stalk.It’s a kind of hybrid rice that is used in traditional Korean cuisine.In Japan, it’s called “yakin-yang” which means “yang-ying” or “yin yin.”For the koi owners of Thailand, it means “dessert bar” or a food that […]

How to cook your own orange koi, pez, dessert bar and pond heater

A dish of orange kiwi fish has become a popular item among those who like to enjoy the warmth of a sunny beach.The koi in this photo was purchased by a couple for their backyard pool, which was built in the spring.But it was not long before they decided to cook the fish, and the […]

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