How to make sushi from scratch in the Philippines

Koko Palace, one of the oldest Japanese restaurants in South Florida, is about to close.The restaurant is owned by the Koi Suru family, a Japanese-American group whose members include two of Koko’s sisters.The owners of the restaurant are trying to save the place by renting space in a condominium project at the University of South […]

How to make a koi fish sculpture with blue koi stencil

When you’re looking for a blue koa, you might be tempted to try one of the many blue koi stencils that have popped up around the world.But a recent discovery suggests that there’s a much simpler way to make one.Koi stencers, also known as “pink slime,” are not made from slime at all, but rather […]

What’s in a name? A new wave of koi-themed restaurants is making sushi more popular

It’s a new wave that’s changing sushi menus and dining out in the U.S. More and more chefs are using koi, a fish that can be found around the world, to cook up new dishes and entertain diners.It’s called koi sushi, and it’s popular with sushi lovers around the country, including some who’ve started opening […]

Koi pond supplies are cheap, but they’re not worth it

Koi ponds are a cool, tropical water source that you can easily grow in your backyard.They’re great for growing mushrooms, lettuce and other veggies, and you can even grow mushrooms in them.They’ve even been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years, and they’ve even made it into a cool Japanese restaurant decoration.And, yes, the […]

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