Why Japanese people love avocado koi fishing

The Japanese have been known to eat avocado kosmer, an exotic koi, and their taste buds are also very sensitive.So the avocado kokos, which are available in supermarkets and convenience stores across Japan, have become a staple food for many.The koko fish is a popular vegetable in Japan and is eaten fresh or frozen, and […]

What you need to know about the new “Koi Fish” art exhibition in Japan’s Tokyo and beyond

The new Koi Fish exhibition at Tokyo’s Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art will open June 10.Here’s what you need know about it.What to know before visiting:You can only visit the museum if you’re a Japanese citizen.You can visit a Japanese national museum as long as you are over the age of 65, are a Japanese […]

How to catch a goldfish on an avocado koi

When you’re walking on the banks of the Malay Peninsula, it might seem as if your options are limited.There are no koi.The only fish you can catch on the water are those in your backyard.But, koi are not only the staple of the region’s local cuisine.They are also the only species that can be caught […]

How a Japanese Koi fish was created, and what it means for the oceans

Posted September 17, 2018 12:16:30By Andrew SchleicherNew research shows that Koi, a member of the carp family, can swim, climb trees and eat plants and algae.Researchers found that the Japanese carp fish has a unique ability to adapt to its environment and is a valuable ecosystem asset.Koi are considered a vital ecosystem asset because of […]

Asian bistros are still missing fish

Koi, or Asian carp, are the most popular aquatic species in Japan, with more than half of Japan’s freshwater fish stocks being devoted to them.The fish have long been an integral part of traditional Japanese food and culture, with their skin used to make various products, including sushi and sake.However, there are many less-common species […]

Japanese company buys aquarium in U.S. for $7.5 million

A Japanese company that specializes in aquariums has bought a Florida facility to house aquarium fish.The company, Arakawa Holdings, is one of Japan’s largest aquarium operators and was recently awarded the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization’s Gold Medal for the first time for its “green” aquarium program.The aquariums at the aquarium facility in Naples, Fla., […]

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