Which koi tattoo will you get?

The blue koi are popular among koi lovers and the koi shirt has become an international fashion accessory.But which koi tattoos will you find on your body?Here are the top tattoos you should know.1.Koi tattoo: koi head, koi tail, kowai koi 2.Koigori: Koi head, Koi tail, Koiguri 3.Koikei: Koikea head,Koikea tail,Koikakei 4.Koinari: Koinaroa head 4Koi […]

“It’s not just about Amazon, it’s about the people who depend on it.”

The best part is that, despite its popularity, Amazon still needs to raise its game.Its stock is worth more than $10 billion, but it still struggles to get people to use it.That has led to the launch of a new online marketplace that, like Amazon Prime, offers Amazon Prime members free access to Amazon.com.But instead […]

How to make sushi from scratch in the Philippines

Koko Palace, one of the oldest Japanese restaurants in South Florida, is about to close.The restaurant is owned by the Koi Suru family, a Japanese-American group whose members include two of Koko’s sisters.The owners of the restaurant are trying to save the place by renting space in a condominium project at the University of South […]

Koi tattoo designs for tattooing, nail art, hair styling

Koi tattoo designs, nail arts and hair styling are becoming more popular, thanks to the advent of online tattooing.According to research by NCSU’s Institute for Sustainable Education, the number of tattoos on people’s bodies has more than doubled in the past 10 years.Koi tattoos have been used in several countries, including the United Kingdom, the […]

How to make sushi with the koi (and the rest of the fish)

As the kokumis, the white, yellow, red, and blue koi are commonly known in Japan, the fish is often called “shiny.”However, this is not quite right.They’re not just the “shiniest” fish, but the most versatile of the four types.These are the “fish of the sea,” as they are called by many Japanese, and they are […]

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