Koi Garden: Female Koi Betta Gets a Big Meal, Too

Big koi are the largest species of koi on Earth and can grow to be up to five metres long.They can be found in the southernmost part of the Indian Ocean off Australia and New Zealand and are often mistaken for dolphins.But they’re actually quite different to dolphins.Koi are far more social and intelligent than […]

How to Make Your Koi Tattoo Meaningful and Unique

Koi tattoos are an important part of the cultural landscape in Fiji, with a growing number of people having them on their bodies and in their homes.One popular tattoo, for example, features a koi standing in front of a koi, with the words “I am a fish” written on its belly.The word “fish” means “fisherman,” […]

Which is the biggest koi in Australia?

We are about to get the big one, as the new Australian Museum’s flagship koi exhibit opens its doors.The exhibit, named “Biggest koics” features more than 200 varieties of giant koi, including a new species of giant catfish.The new koi are part of a multi-year campaign to showcase Australia’s biodiversity and marine life.The koi were […]

Platinum koi piercing studio to reopen in China

Platinum kiwi piercing and salon in China has been closed since January after being closed for “security reasons”.Platinum kiwis are now being exported to the US, where they are known as “gourami” in the west, and to Europe and the US.Platinum Kiwi Piercing is in charge of breeding and caring for the kiwifish, according to […]

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