Watch the new video for koi fisherman’s song – Live!

With its colourful colours and bold patterns, koi embroideries can look like anything from a bird’s nest to a floating beach ball. 

They’re often used to decorate clothing and furniture, but they’re also found as pets and even as part of furniture.

Here, a green koi will make a beach ball, a pink koi can make a toy and a yellow koi a boat.

Koi are a member of the family of fishes called bony fishes, which means that their body colour changes depending on their environment.

These changes can range from a bright green to a dull grey or even a black.

They’re not as well known to the public as fish, but koi are among the most abundant fish in the world, with populations in the wild in the Mediterranean and the Pacific Ocean estimated to be as high as 20 million.

They have been described as being able to “move like water” and “flip through space like water”.

In fact, they’re so rare, they are often considered an endangered species, although there are at least 100 populations around the world.

They are also very cute, and are also highly prized for their beauty, which makes them a popular pet.

Here are some of the ways you can enjoy koi for yourself:If you want to give your koi some love, check out some of their favourite things to do and places to catch them.

For more information on koi fishing, visit:The BBC Sport website has more on kong, dolphins, and the sea.

Follow BBC Sport’s koi video on YouTube:

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