What you need to know about the new “Koi Fish” art exhibition in Japan’s Tokyo and beyond

The new Koi Fish exhibition at Tokyo’s Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art will open June 10.

Here’s what you need know about it.

What to know before visiting:You can only visit the museum if you’re a Japanese citizen.

You can visit a Japanese national museum as long as you are over the age of 65, are a Japanese resident and can document your visit with a photo ID.

This includes a driver’s license or passport.

If you’re visiting Japan for the first time, you can purchase a ticket at a limited time for ¥4,900 (about $50), but you can only buy one ticket.

There are no VIP tickets.

Tickets are only available in person at the museum.

The museum is located at the corner of Yamanote-ku and Sogo-ku.

There is also a ticket office located at Yamanetsu-ku, a nearby shopping district.

The museum will also have an open house on Saturday, June 13 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., and the opening reception is from 4 p.c. to 8 p.t.

The reception begins with a presentation from museum director Yasutaka Nakamura, and concludes with a live auction with live auctions of works by artists including Koi Knowles, who also designed the new Kois for the exhibition.

The opening reception begins at 10 a,m.

(local time) and closes at 5 p.d.

(Tokyo time).

Tickets can be purchased online at takao.jp or at the Museum of Japanese Art, the museum’s website.

They can also be purchased at the Tokyo Metropolitan Archives at the Takao Museum of Modern Art, located at 5-6-5, Nishi-cho, Tokyo.

You will need to bring a Japanese passport, which is not required.

There are no fees for admission to the museum, but there are two separate fees: the entrance fee and the museum admission.

You’ll need to pay both separately.

Admission to the Museum is free, although you must present your Japanese passport.

There is no entrance fee to the exhibit itself, but you will need a ticket to enter the museum for the day.

The opening reception at the exhibition is from 6:30 a.k. to 11:30 p.f.

You may choose to stay for a bit longer at the reception or take a break and visit the other exhibits, but the museum will be closed until 6 p.s.m, or until 2:30 in the morning.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department is assisting in the planning and execution of the exhibition, and the police will be on hand to assist.

You should plan your visit in advance.

How to find out more about the exhibit:There are two ways to view the new exhibit.

You could enter through a public entrance or the museum lobby, or you can go into the Museum at your own pace.

The public entrance is located on the first floor of the museum at the end of the main entrance.

There will be a ticket booth on the second floor.

To enter through the Museum lobby, simply walk into the lobby entrance from the main lobby and enter through an exit ramp.

There’s a ticketing booth on each level.

You must be able to show your Japanese driver’s or passport and a valid photo ID to gain entry.

If your entry is denied, you will be directed to a receptionist.

The ticketing booths are staffed by museum staff, but they are not officially on duty.

You can also use the elevator at the entrance of the Museum.

You have to enter through one of the entrances on the left.

There you will receive an ID card for entry, but a fee will apply for it.

If you’re over age 65, you may need to have your photo ID with you.

You do not need to wear a hat or sunglasses.

The Museum of Contemporary Art is located in the same building as the museum on the west side of Tokyo, about 2.5 km (1.5 miles) south of Yachiyama.

It is a major attraction in Tokyo.

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