The koi-tang is coming back to the UK

The kai, the fish native to Japan, is returning to the US and Ireland after being banned in the UK.

The UK has been battling the koi in recent years due to its overfishing, with many local people having their livelihoods threatened.

A ban on koi fishing was imposed in the country in 2005 following the deaths of a number of fish.

However, many local residents have complained of the fish’s negative effects on the environment.

The kao is now back in the US following a petition from the American koi fishery group.

The petition, which was signed by more than 40,000 people, argued that the kai had “disrupted and ruined” the natural environment and was being negatively affected by human activity.

The group added that the fish were not native to the United States, but that they had “exacerbated” the problem.

“The koi is one of our nation’s greatest treasures and it is our duty to preserve it and protect it,” a statement on the group’s website read.

“Koi fishing is a part of our American heritage and our people, and our koi should not be endangered.”

In 2014, the UK government also banned the use of koi nets in areas that are known for fish populations.

The US ban, which began in 2001, has since been extended to include the kio, a fish native in Japan.

The fish, which are considered by some to be a delicacy in Japan, were considered to be of no commercial value.

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