Japanese fishmonger to open shop in London

The fishmongers of the west are set to open their doors in the capital next week, in the latest step in a rapid expansion that has seen London become the second largest fish market in the world.

Koi mil Gaya, one of the largest fish markets in the western hemisphere, said it was pleased to welcome the Japanese company to the market in central London.

“We have been working with this company for a long time to improve our market and make it more appealing to fishmongering tourists and people from overseas,” Mr Tatsumi Takahashi, founder and chief executive of Kyo-Pyo Fish Market in central east London, said.

“In the past we have had the luxury of working with one of Japan’s largest fish companies, but with the introduction of Kino Fish, we are now looking for a partner with an international scope and experience to complement our market.”

Mr Takahash was referring to Kino, a Japanese fish manufacturer that is also known for its sushi and sake bars.

Kino Fish Market has expanded from the premises it has had since 2001, and now operates in two locations.

Its new headquarters will house its two stores in the west and the east of London.

Mr Takihashi said the Japanese fish company was looking forward to the opportunity to provide services to a new market.

“Kino is one of our favourite fish manufacturers, and our experience with them has been very positive,” he said.

The move is not the first time Kino has been welcomed to London.

In January, it bought the space in the Old Bailey where it now stands and began to lease out space to other fish and seafood companies.

“The Kino brand has a rich history in Asia and the East, and it is a natural fit for the London market,” Mr Takahasay said.

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