Samsung is looking to bring its own customised smartphones to the market

The world’s first customisable Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone has been revealed by a Korean online retailer.

Samsung’s first foray into smartphones with customisable displays and designs is expected to launch in the second half of next year, the firm’s president, Kim Dae-jung, has said.

“Customised smartphones will become the future of Samsung,” Mr Dae, who has been a senior executive since 2012, told reporters in Seoul.

“The first one will launch in 2019 and the next one will come in 2020.

Samsung will launch these phones in a couple of different styles and will sell them at a price range of $1,000 to $2,000.”

Mr Dae said Samsung would be launching at least one handset in each style.

“We have to develop the phone, but we are confident we will create the best smartphone in the world.”

Mr Kim has previously spoken about Samsung’s ambition to make smartphones as affordable as possible, and to make Samsung a “global brand”.

The phone’s design will likely follow that of the S9, a phone that was unveiled in January and was praised by reviewers.

Samsung said it was developing customised models to fit into existing markets and was aiming to launch at least 10 such devices per year by 2019.

Mr Kim said Samsung’s aim was to make smartphone manufacturers pay attention to the needs of consumers.

“Samsung has always been about being an innovation leader,” Mr Kim said.

Samsung said its latest Galaxy S8 smartphone, a model with a 3.5in (8.9cm) screen, was launched in September. “

Customised phones are the future, and we want to bring Samsung’s innovation into the smartphone world.”

Samsung said its latest Galaxy S8 smartphone, a model with a 3.5in (8.9cm) screen, was launched in September.

It is available for $1.8 million (US) with a four-year contract.

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