Koi dessert bar in Wellington has a ‘saucy’ atmosphere

Wellington, New Zealand – A new bar in the heart of Wellington’s Chinatown has opened its doors with a ‘cheesy’ menu of koi and other Japanese delicacies.

KoiDessert Bar in the Wellington suburb of The Rocks, named after the character from a Japanese anime series, opened to the public on Tuesday.

The bar is named after Japanese TV show, “The Princess and the Frog”, and is run by the chef, Nobu Nakamura, who also runs his own restaurant in Wellington’s South Bank.

Koi Dessert Bar’s menu features a range of traditional Japanese dishes, including the ‘Koi Cake’ (pictured) and ‘Dessert Burger’, which feature koi in a traditional bun.

It also has an impressive collection of Japanese sweets.

The bar, which is located in a former schoolhouse on a busy shopping street, has become a popular spot for tourists, many of whom visit the area for its serene, warm weather.

“This is something that people just love,” Mr Nakamura said.

“It’s not really a place that we’re trying to cater to or be an expensive place.”

Koi dango cakes are made with fresh fruit, topped with a sticky base of honey and honey syrup, and served with rice and a small side salad.

Mr Nakamura told the local newspaper The Star he has been a fan of Japanese food for decades.

I grew up in Japan and now I love everything Japanese, he said.

“If I had to choose between eating Japanese food and the Japanese food I know from my own childhood, I’d definitely go for Japanese food.”

People love the food.

He said he is also known for serving “a little bit of everything”, such as sushi, ramen, and Japanese curry.

He added that he wanted to open a restaurant that would cater to all tastes and tastes, with an emphasis on Japanese food as a mainstay.

The venue is owned by the Nakamura family, who said the idea for the bar came from a childhood visit to Tokyo, where they had been introduced to the traditional Japanese dining style.

We want to give the people who come here a unique experience that they never had before,” he said in a statement.

This was something that I grew up with and now, when I’m in New Zealand, I want to go back to that place.

I wanted to be able to create a place where we can do that, and that is what I’ve done.

When the business first opened, the restaurant had only three tables, but it now has over 100, and it is becoming more popular with tourists.

Mr Nakam’s wife, who has been working as a waitress for four years, said they wanted to keep the menu as small as possible, but added that the bar has been growing rapidly.”

We have a lot of regulars here who have never been to a Japanese restaurant before,” she said.

Nakamura’s wife said she had also learnt Japanese from watching Japanese television shows, and said the restaurant was an inspiration for her.

She said she was also very grateful to be a part of a family business, adding that the couple wanted to make it the “biggest place in Wellington”.”

We wanted to do it to make the restaurant bigger,” she added.”

And if it’s the best Japanese restaurant in the world, then we want to do everything to make sure it is the best in New England.

“Mr Sakurai, the owner of the popular Japanese cafe The Bar and Grill, said he was proud to be involved in the launch of KoiDessertBar.

Koi dango cake is made from a dried fruit like mangos and strawberries.

His wife said they had previously tried making a similar dessert in the US but had been turned down.”

The Japanese people love Japanese food so they don’t like to do that [and] we wanted to create something that was fun, unique and we’re doing that here,” she explained.

There are currently two other bars in Wellington serving Japanese food, and the Nakamas are currently planning to open another bar in nearby Christchurch.

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