When is it okay to post pictures of your dog on social media?

Engadgets UK readers have responded to the news that the new pet-sharing app, called BlackKoi, will be releasing in the UK this year.

BlackKi was first released in the US earlier this year and has since been launched in several countries including Canada, Australia and the US.

Here’s what you need to know about the new app.

What’s BlackKoi?

BlackKOI was launched in the USA as a direct-to-consumer service, which means it doesn’t rely on third-party platforms.

Black Koi has the same mission as its US counterpart, and is meant to help pets get the attention and love they deserve.

Blackkoi uses the Instagram API to connect owners and their dogs, and allows users to share pictures and videos.

Black koi also has a section for owners to post comments and questions, and offers up dog-themed pets like puppies, cats, and chickens.

Blackkios app is also free to download for owners of iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

BlackKoi also uses a “Pet Friendly” tag that lets users post photos and videos of their pets, but not necessarily their owners.

This means that users can’t upload pictures or videos of any animal that isn’t their pet, and also cannot include pets in their comments.

Blackkios “Pet-Friendly” tag is also only visible to the owners of BlackKI, not the public.

It doesn’t appear to be compatible with Instagram, though.

The US-based BlackKio was first announced in July and was launched with a teaser on Instagram in August.

It features a sleek, black-and-white logo, a white background, and a tagline: “Show Your Pets Love”.

It has been a big year for pet-focused apps, with Instagram adding “Pet friendly” to its “Instagram Stories” feature, and Instagram also launching its “Live” section to let users share photos and other content with their followers.

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