Which is the biggest koi in Australia?

We are about to get the big one, as the new Australian Museum’s flagship koi exhibit opens its doors.

The exhibit, named “Biggest koics” features more than 200 varieties of giant koi, including a new species of giant catfish.

The new koi are part of a multi-year campaign to showcase Australia’s biodiversity and marine life.

The koi were first recorded in Australia around 2,000 years ago.

“The big koi have a very large head, which is an incredible feature, particularly for a fish,” Museum director of aquarium and aquarium science Mark Brown told news.com: “They’re so big, but they’re very docile.”

The exhibit is the latest addition to the Museum’s impressive collection of more than 1,000 animals.

“I’m delighted to announce that our largest koi will be on display, and to have one in the Australian Museum is an exciting opportunity for visitors to explore our rich biodiversity,” Brown said.

“It’s a special and exciting moment for the koi community and we look forward to seeing them as we do so many other amazing things with them.”

The kairos are found around the world.

They are found in waters from the tropical Pacific to the subtropical Atlantic, including the Coral Sea off Australia’s west coast.

“They are really popular for both recreational and educational purposes, and can be found in every part of the world,” Brown told the ABC.

“These fish are found throughout the world, so you’ll often find them in aquariums all over the world.”

“They are the largest of any fish species and can grow to more than three metres in length, but are very dociles and do not exhibit aggressive behaviour, as is typical for larger fish.”

The exhibition features the most iconic koi of all, the Komodo dragon.

This large catfish is the largest known koi.

The exhibition also features some of Australia’s biggest kiwi, a large species that was previously unknown to science.

The display also includes the largest kaios found in the world today, including four new species, including three giant catfishes.

The koi show will run from February to May.

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