How to make your own purple koi

A purple koa is an exotic fish with a colourful pattern of lines and spots.

The colourful pattern has attracted thousands of visitors to the island of Hanoi since it was discovered in the 1960s, but the species is now considered threatened by human development.

In the past, the koa was often sold to tourists to keep them entertained.

The red koi is another common sight in Hanoigu.

It is an equally popular sight.

Blue koi can be found throughout the world, and are prized by collectors for their red colour and size.

They are sold in markets and tourist shops.

Blue koi live in the tropical subtropics and can grow up to 6m (20ft) long.

Their scales are green or blue and they have large, curved fins.

The yellow koi are native to Asia, and have red or yellow coloured fins.

They can be bought at pet stores.

If you are keen to try your hand at making your own, here are some basic ideas: use a paint brush, glue, or paint stick to create the colours, and spray it onto the koi’s body to get the colour on them.

Cut off the fish’s head and tail using a knife and carefully peel off the skin.

Then cut away the flesh and bones.

You should be left with a yellow-orange skin with no skin on the body.

Paint the body with a clear clear sealant (usually paint thinner).

Then paint the fins, tails, and back and forth between the two layers of sealant.

Use the clear seal to seal the fish and the fish to your aquarium.

The fish will then be able to grow back to its original size.

Cut out the fish fins and skin, leaving them to stand on their own.

You can then glue the fish with glue to the back and sides of the fish.

If you use a stick to glue the skin, you can use the fish tail to glue to your fish tank.

This way, the fish will be able float on the water surface and it will be safe for the fish keepers.

Make sure you remove the fish from the water, but do not worry about getting the fish off.

The skin will dry and it is easier to remove when the fish is in the tank.

It will not hurt your fish or you.

Fish will still be able move on the surface of the water.

Clean the fish tank with a fish cleaner or sponge.

If the fish have not grown back, the skin can be trimmed.

Cleaning the tank will help to remove the sealant from the fish, making it easier to get it off the tank and onto the fish back.

Once you have completed the procedure, the aquarium should now look like this.

You will need a suitable tank for your fish, a small bowl to store the fish in and a towel to wipe away the sealants.

Once all the sealings are removed, add the fish out of the tank into the tank as normal.

Fish should be released from the tank after two weeks.

If they do not grow back, you should remove them from the aquarium and try again with a different tank.

For more information about red koa and blue koa fish, visit:

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