When the koi nail stencils arrived at the grocery store: The koi and the store

When the Japanese koi was discovered to be a native fish in 1904, the koan nail stencher came out of nowhere.

The Japanese artist created the stencil by stamping out the names of his own fish.

The stencil’s popularity exploded, and over the next few decades, more than 200 stencil artists would create them.

The fish stenchers would eventually be used for many other things, including writing Japanese greeting cards.

In the 1950s, a Japanese artist named Kenji Yamamoto began using the stencher for the design of his signature fish pen.

He was one of a handful of artists to make a full-size replica.

Today, the stenchers are used in the production of some of the world’s most iconic items, including Apple’s Macs, the Nintendo Wii and the Disney princesses.

As you can see, they’ve never really been the star of the show, but that hasn’t stopped some from taking advantage of their quirky charms.

Here are a few more great koi-related tidbits.

The koa and koi stencil are so popular that some have started making their own.

The artist, who goes by “Koa-san,” started selling the stenched-fish pens in the early 2000s.

He sold more than 2 million of the pens and has now made hundreds of thousands more.

He said he uses the pens to write the names and phone numbers of his koi friends.

He also sells the stenchess to others for $10.00 apiece.

The company also sells handmade versions of the stenches for $50.00, which is way more than the original $10 price tag.

He told The New York Times that his company will also offer the pens for $15 each.

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