Koi pond drawing prompts pond to take in koi

In a sign that the pond at Koi Pond in the Lake Victoria neighborhood of Los Angeles is turning the corner, a drawing depicting a koi was painted in a pond in the neighborhood, a neighbor said.

On Tuesday, an artist who works in the art community was able to paint a kai-like figure, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The figure, which the artist said is a representation of the fish, is the result of a collaboration with a local art group.

The group painted the figure to illustrate the “Koi Pond” concept, which aims to encourage people to come together and spend time together in public spaces.

The artist said the painting is the first public art in the area and has been a way for people to connect with the koi, who are native to the water, according to the Times.

The pond, known as the Koko Pond, has become a popular gathering spot for people and visitors to socialize and have fun in the summer.

In 2017, the pond was named Los Angeles’ Best Pond by the Los Angels Angels of Anaheim.

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