Which indoor pond are you most likely to visit in 2018?

You probably can’t be bothered to go for a swim in the pond at the Koko Gallatin Tn in Brisbane.

It’s an indoor kai pond and has been closed since last October.

It was closed for two weeks after it was discovered that a man had sexually assaulted a young boy.

The park has since reopened but it’s a different story in the paddock. 

The pond was closed because the owner of the pond told the ABC it was being used for a “sport”.

That’s not really what it was used for, but the ABC’s Ben Edwards reports.

It’s not uncommon for people to go swimming in pools at this time of year.

However, the paddocks of the paddies of Koko, Gallatin and The Ponds have been closed.

The paddocks are closed for one week for the health and safety of the people swimming there, but people still visit the paddlands every weekend, said Koko’s director of marketing, Chris Prentice.

“The paddocks and paddles have been in the news a few times in recent years, so it’s really important that we make sure we’re making sure people know about them and are aware of what’s going on,” he said.

“We have to ensure we’re keeping people safe and making sure that the paddles and paddlers stay in good hands.”

“The community is very well-informed about these pools and the paddlers, so the paddlin’ is really a family affair.”

It’s really been a community issue and we’re really happy that people are getting to know it.

“There are other things going on in the community, so people can swim in other places in their community but this is really where we come together and come together as a community.”

A spokesman for the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Department told the Sunday Age the ponds are closed until further notice and will remain closed until the end of September.

“As a precautionary measure, Koko will be closed until there is a safe and proper investigation into the circumstances surrounding the man’s assault,” the spokesman said.

Inspector Greg Stoddart, who has been in charge of the ponds operations, said the man was not being prosecuted.

“He was never charged,” Mr Stoddard said.

“The investigation is ongoing and we will be taking appropriate action in the coming weeks.”

The ABC has spoken to other paddock owners who have been on the receiving end of similar attacks.

One owner who has lived at the paddling sites for years, Nick Taylor, said he’d been told about the attack when he was a kid and went to visit his parents for a few weeks.

Nick Taylor says he has been warned about sexual assault in paddock at Koko and Gallatin sites.

He said it’s “a very sensitive issue” in the area.

“I think a lot of people just go about their day, go to the pool, go for exercise, swim, walk, walk in the water, eat and eat and drink,” he told the BBC.

When the ABC asked him if he’d visited the paddos, he said he had.

“But when I went out I saw it, it was not at the ponds.”

When I walked around I saw that the swimming area was completely closed, it wasn’t open.

“And I said ‘well, why are you closed?’

And the lady said ‘they’ve closed it down for safety reasons’,” he said, explaining he went to the paddler’s group.

Mr Taylor said he didn’t think he’d be in danger in the future.

A former swimming instructor who lives at the sites said he did have a bad experience with a man who was abusing a boy who was playing with the kids in the pools.

“That’s how I was approached, that’s how it was,” he was quoted as saying by ABC Radio Brisbane.

After that, he went swimming with his children and their parents at the same pool, he told ABC Radio Queensland.

At the time, the man had a white hood over his head and had his face covered, but he’d still been there when the boy was molested, he was said to have said.

He told the interviewer he had been the victim of a “bizarre” attack.

Police were called, but there was no investigation.

Mr Taylor has said he doesn’t think the man will be charged.

“They [police] did nothing,” he explained.

The ABC’s Nick Thompson reports the paddocking at the Gallatin paddock is closed to visitors for health and environmental reasons.

“Because the owner [of the paddel] is saying that he wants to be out there and he wants the kids to come to his paddocks, he’s not going to let them come in because they don’t like him,” Mr Taylor said.


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