When I saw this butterfly koi, I was just blown away

I saw these butterfly kokus for the first time about three years ago and I never expected that the butterfly kopi would be a popular species of koi in Japan.

Now I see it daily and the butterfly has been one of my favorite koi ever.

I first saw it at the Tokyo Zoo about five years ago.

Since then, I have taken more than 20 butterfly koks.

I am always amazed by the butterflies.

The best part is, they are not afraid of me.

This is not something that is done for the photo opportunity.

They will just sit there and wait for me to get close enough to take a picture.

The butterfly koka are also very social creatures.

They are known to be friendly to humans and will sometimes jump in front of people when they see someone approaching, as if to say, “Hey!

You’re my friend, right?”

These are some of the butterflies that I have caught in Japan, and now, I want to share my experiences with you.

What to look for in a butterfly kōki photo 1.

This butterfly kowa is a very beautiful butterfly.

You can see a lot of white in this butterfly.


The koi are not very bright in this photo.

This means they are just waiting to be photographed.

They just want to be left alone and not bothered by you.


This koi is very large, and it’s hard to take this picture.

You may not have the patience to wait for a photo opportunity to take them, so be careful not to get too close to them.


If you’re not sure if a butterfly is a koi or not, this is a great opportunity to get a closer look.

If they are a butterfly, you may have to get the koi closer to you to get closer to them and get a better photo.


The first time I saw the butterfly in Japan was when I was about six years old.

I was fascinated by the butterfly and the koku.

I went and watched it grow and develop.

Then I took this photo of it.

You will have to try to take photos of butterflies from different angles to see if a particular one is a butterfly.

The butterflies are very different in Japan compared to in the United States, so take the time to check to see which butterfly is which species.

This article is written by Kaitlyn Roper and originally appeared in the March/April 2014 issue of Aquarium Magazine.

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