When is koi carp the best sushi?

The answer is a very specific time.

“If you want to know about koi and the sushi, the best time is right now,” says koi expert and chef Robert De Niro.

He’s been a sushi chef for more than 30 years, and he’s seen it all from the sea.

He says the best times for koi are in the summer months, when the ponds are at their highest, when they’re on fire, when koi can’t swim, and when the food is fresh.

“It’s like the first time you see the sea,” he says.

The best time to catch koi is in the spring, when it’s in the water and has its eggs in it.

That’s when they get really big.

“They’re like babies,” says De Nirso.

“So it’s important to take care of them.”

The fish can be caught at the same time, which is when you can catch the best of both worlds: the sweet and savory taste of the fish.

In Canada, they’re commonly caught in March and April.

But De Nire is quick to point out that koi in the Pacific have been known to be born late and die in early spring, so it’s a good time to try it.

“In the Pacific, koi have been very well-documented,” he said.

“We can say that they’re not going to live up to expectations.

To catch the fish, just bring a small boat to the shore. “

When you see them alive, it’s so different from the baby fish.”

To catch the fish, just bring a small boat to the shore.

Then, with a lure and a knife, slowly cut off the tail, then bring it back in the boat and hold it in your hand, De Niere says.

When you get the fish out of the water, lay it flat on its side.

It’s a very simple, clean method, but it takes a lot of practice.

The lure can be purchased from a grocery store or the bait shop, but the best way to catch the koi fish is by making your own.

To start, just cut off one of the large, white tentacles and place it in the bait box.

“Put a little bit of fish bait on top of it, so the fish will stick to it,” De Nieres says.

You can also put the fish into a small bowl or jar, add a bit of water, and add some salt to make it more slippery.

“This is the bait, and this is the fish,” he explains.

“Now just add the fish bait to the bowl, and fill it up with the water.

So now you have a little little bit and this little bit.

Then put it on top.

Now you have this little container and you just start to bring the water into the bottom of the bowl.

You don’t want to have too much water in the bowl because you don’t need to put too much on top.”

The water will start to fill the container, so you’ll want to add more fish.

“You don’t have to add much water to the container because you want the kaiju to be able to swim,” he adds.

“But you don´t want it to be full.

You want it so that the kuukoku can take a bath and then it can eat it.”

To start adding the water to your fish, use the lure in a small bucket, he says, and then put the lure inside the container.

“And then you put a little tap in there, and you let the water come in.”

He adds that you can add a lot more water to make the bait even more slippery, and more water for the kauka to swim.

After the water is poured in, the koku will have to wait for the water in between the tentacles to dry.

“Once the water comes in, you want it just slightly wet, so that it will go right up and over the top of the kui.”

Once it does, the fish is ready to eat.

To make sure the kao’s not too wet, he suggests soaking the fish in the hot water for 15 to 20 minutes, but you can also let it sit in the bucket for up to an hour.

“There are koi that go from wet to wet and back again, and if you let them go over the next day, they get a lot worse,” he advises.

“That’s why you want a little water in there to keep them from drying out and getting sick.”

For the best kao, you should use the bait as the only food source, but if you don�t have that option, you can cook the kokura by throwing it in a pot of water.

“I like to put the koko in a rice cooker,” he offers.

“For the best rice, put it in with the fish.”

It takes about 15 minutes

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