Koi koi and butterfly ghost kong come together to create a ‘daring’ fish that is perfect for your dinner table

Koi Koi and Butterfly Ghost Kong, both popular Japanese feline koi that have gained worldwide attention in recent years, are coming together to make a “daring” new species of butterfly ghost fish.

Koi kao and butterfly kong, popular Japanese koi called koi koi in the U.S., have been popular for years in Japan, and in 2014, the pair was the subject of a YouTube video featuring a group of Japanese film makers and enthusiasts, who created a koi for the public to enjoy.

Koi is a Japanese fauna of all sorts, and is found in the vast forests of the region and in coastal areas in Japan.

Kois have the ability to breathe underwater, but they can also swim, and both species have been spotted swimming in the water at sea.

Butterfly ghost kongs are very large fish that are also known as koi fish.

Butterfly ghosts are sometimes referred to as butterfly-like fish, which is a reference to the way they look when they are swimming in water, the duo said.

The new species, which they are calling “Koi Kao Goldfish,” is named after the Japanese legend of a “goldfish” who died from eating a butterfly ghost.

The legend said the goldfish ate the ghost because it was a good bait for koi fishing.

The koi are being released in the wild in the northern part of the country, in Iwate Prefecture, on the coast of the Miyagi Prefecture.

The two species are both large fish, with a body length of about 6 meters (20 feet) and can grow up to 14 centimeters (3 inches) in length.

Koies are also able to swim, but can’t climb walls.

The duo said the koi have been around for decades, but are now reaching their natural size.

They are also well-known in the region, as they are often used in Japanese kawaii clothing and accessories, as well as in Japanese cooking, including koi tea.

The duo hopes to release the new species in the spring, and hopes to see it in aquariums as well.

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