Which fish are the most popular on Instagram?

Platinum koi omega 8, koi piercing and koi Delta 8 are the top fish on Instagram.

These two fish have been dominating the platform since 2014, and are the latest to be ranked on the social media site.

Platinum koa 8 has been around for a while and has garnered a large following among the Instagram community, with over 2.5 million followers.

This fish is also the most frequently featured on the platform.

Koi Delta 8 is another popular fish that has gained a huge following since its debut on Instagram back in 2014.

Kois omega 8 and delta 8 are currently the top three fish on the Instagram feed, while platinum koi Omega 8 has recently surpassed the top 10 on Instagram for the first time ever.

Platinum is one of the most common fish species, and the most expensive fish to purchase, with the price tag currently approaching $4,000.

Koiches best selling fish has been Platinum koan 8 for a long time, and is currently the most widely-trending fish.

Platinum fish are also known for their deep blue color and ability to swim fast.

The most popular Platinum fish is known as the koi dumpling.

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