When does koi fish become a food?

The next time you’re sitting down to dinner with a group of friends, make sure you don’t forget about koi.

The koi have become a major part of Australian society, with the fish being used in sushi and karaoke.

The fish is considered a delicacy in Japan and China, and is also eaten in other parts of the world, such as Vietnam.

Koi are native to Japan, and their popularity has grown in recent years.

In 2016, Australia imported over 1,000 tonnes of the fish.

But the number of people eating the fish is not a new phenomenon, and many koi enthusiasts argue the species should be allowed to flourish in Australia, despite the risk of overfishing.

“It’s definitely something that needs to be addressed,” said Katherine Smith from the Koi Research Institute.

“If koi are allowed to grow in a more natural environment, it will be a really good resource for the environment, the food chain and the economy.”

There are currently two koi farms in Victoria, with several more planned for the future.

But many have questioned whether koi should be harvested, and if the fish should be included in food production.ABC Fact Check has spoken to a number of experts to understand the potential risks and benefits of koi farming.

Topics:environment,science-and-technology,food-and_beverage,science,environmental-impact,veterinary-medicine,environment,australia,vicSource: ABC News (VIC)

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