Koi Grand: The best of koi and grand dino

In the late 1970s, koi became an international hit and spawned a new breed of pet, the grand dinos.

Today, koos have become the dominant species of amphibian and reptiles in Japan.

Koi are widely considered the world’s most popular fish, and their popularity is not in decline.

But they are still hunted, and they are endangered, says Kenji Kojima, a senior conservationist at the Japan Aquarium in Tsukuba, a city about 70 kilometers (45 miles) southeast of Tokyo.

The koi population is now dwindling due to overfishing, and its habitat is shrinking.

Kojimas team, which includes conservationist Kenji Takagi and a Japanese zoo official, has been studying the koi populations in Japan and abroad to figure out how to protect the species.

The Japanese are particularly concerned about the future of the kōi, which they consider an endangered species.

The Japan Aquaria, which operates a sanctuary in Tsukubu, is in the process of developing a koi conservation plan to help ensure the survival of the species, says Takagi.

“If we don’t save the kokan, we may lose this species,” he says.

“We must keep this species in the future.”

Koi breeding efforts have been hindered in recent years, thanks to a lack of breeding sites and the changing habitat of the ponds.

There is also an environmental backlash against the Japanese government’s efforts to protect koi.

In 2009, the Japan Fish Commission ordered the establishment of new breeding ponds to protect fish.

But after the commission failed to enforce the order, the government changed its mind and decided to allow the breeding ponds.

However, the commission still has to clear all of the conditions for the ponds to be opened.

“That is still not clear, so the new ponds are not yet open,” says Takagawa.

The Japan Aquarian Federation, a trade association for koi, also believes that the government has not done enough to protect and conserve the species and says that it is taking steps to make the government aware of the concerns of conservationists and public.

Koi conservation is an important part of the national culture, but not necessarily in the interests of the environment, says the federation’s director, Kenji Sakaguchi.

The federation’s concern is that, despite all of these measures, the conservation of kokans is not on the top priority list.

“There is still a lot of work to be done, but it’s a necessary part of protecting our species,” Sakagowski says.

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