What you need to know about the new fish outline from Koia

A few days ago we reported on the arrival of the new Koia protein drinks in Ireland.

We spoke to the Koia chief executive who told us that the drink is now available to the general public in Ireland at a price of €3.50 per 50ml.

The new product is a direct response to consumer demand.

Koia said in a statement: “We are delighted to be able to provide customers with a new product in a number of flavours, including koi fish outline and koi protein drink.

These products are a direct result of the strong interest we are seeing from our customers, who have expressed an interest in the fish and protein drink products.”

Koia is committed to providing a product that is unique and special for its consumers, which is why we are introducing a new line of products in a limited time.

“We will keep you updated with new Koias as they become available.”

Koi fish outlines are koi bars that are made from fermented koi and served with koi meat.

The product comes with a variety of flavours including the original red and yellow and a range of other flavours.

The drink is made by fermenting fermented kao (fish) and a fish meal (meat).

It is said to have a more concentrated flavour profile than a regular koi bar.

There are also koi snacks that can be eaten with the product.

The new Koi Fish outline has been available for about two weeks in Ireland but we haven’t had any samples yet.

It has not yet been officially tested on humans.

The new product will be available in shops from January 12.

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