How to make Koi Kokoro from Protein Shakes

The Koi Kokoros are a Japanese-style rice pudding with a scoop of rice and a dollop of sweetened coconut.

You can buy it at any Japanese supermarket.

You may think you know it well, but you might not have known that the recipe originated in Japan, and has its origins in a restaurant in Hokkaido.

The original recipe is still in use in Japan.

It uses the traditional method of rolling rice, but with a few key changes.

The first is the addition of a scoop or bowl of sugar.

You’ll need about a quarter of a cup of sugar to make it taste like a koi.

That’s just enough to coat the rice in a sweetened, coconut-based liquid.

The second change is the mixing and mashing of the ingredients.

The batter is stirred into a bowl with a spoon and mixed with a hand mixer.

You don’t need a mixer to stir in the coconut, but it will be a little harder to mix them with a spatula.

Finally, the liquid is stirred through a sieve and filtered.

You want a small, sugary amount to mix the two, but not too much.

In the video above, you can see the process at work.

The texture is just right, but the consistency of the koi is still good, and the texture is sweet enough to enjoy even if you don’t like sweetened koi pudding.

We’d recommend giving the recipe a try.

This is a great way to make something simple and easy, especially when it comes to a simple rice pudding, or even if it’s a sweet-tasting rice pudding.

It’s also a great alternative to the standard rice pudding when you’re not as concerned about taste.

And, if you’re really, really craving something sweet and nutritious, try making Koi Tofu.

It might be the only rice pudding that’s as filling as a Koi-Koi, but its filling factor is similar.

In fact, Koi-Koki rice pudding is almost always made with the same ingredients.

But unlike Koi, Tofus are also a much healthier alternative to regular rice pudding!

We’re sharing the recipe for Koi & Koi for you in this video.

Make it now!

Make it easy!

You don�t need a lot of time to prepare Koi and Koi Rice Pudding.

Just make a batch at a time and freeze them in plastic containers.

The best thing about Koi koku is that they can be frozen in a large zip lock bag for up to two months.

The rice pudding can be made ahead of time and then stored in a freezer bag until you need it.

The freezer is the best option if you want the pudding to last longer than two months because the heat of freezing the pudding can shorten its shelf life.

To make the KoiKoi rice pudding from scratch, simply melt the coconut in a microwave or on a stovetop until it melts and softens.

After that, simply whisk in the sugar.

In this video, we use a combination of instant coffee and instant chocolate, and we also add a few other ingredients.

If you’re making the pudding ahead oftime, you’ll want to chill it before adding any of the other ingredients, such as coffee and chocolate.

You could also try making the koku from scratch in the microwave and making the batter ahead of Time to Make.

In any case, this recipe is quick and easy.

If, for some reason, you are unable to freeze Koi rice pudding at the end of two months, simply thaw the pudding in the refrigerator and refrigerate it for up a week before you use it for Koimos.

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