A Japanese artist’s new watercolor: Sakura koi

A Japanese art gallery has put out a watercolor painting of the Japanese warrior princess, Sakura kai, that has captivated many since its unveiling last month.

The painting, by artist Noboru Nishimura, is titled Sakura ki, or “I Am Sakura,” and depicts the Japanese war goddess on horseback riding through a snowy landscape in an attempt to save the lives of her soldiers.

The paintings popularity in Japan has reached unprecedented heights, said Yoshihiko Fujita, a professor at the University of Tokyo and one of the creators of the painting.

The artist, who is based in Kyoto, has received a great deal of attention, even from the Japanese media.

The art gallery said it will paint a second one, and Nishimura will unveil it at a press conference in the coming days.

He will also present a painting of his wife, Shikaku, that is called Sakura kyo.

The painting is due to be unveiled on Tuesday.

Nishimura, a painter who has lived in Kyoto since 2007, has been known for his work in a variety of mediums.

His works include the sculpture “Sakura no kyokai” (Snow White) in Kyoto and the painting “Tsukikiri no kyo” (Tears of the Sea) in Tokyo.

The work of Nishimura is also featured in the anime “Sorata no kon” (The Witch and the Maiden) by Tokyo’s Shinchosha Studio, which describes him as an artist of the “high fantasy” variety.

He is also a member of the Kyoto Studio Art Society.

Nakamura Shinsuke, a former professor of contemporary art at Kyoto University, said Nishimura’s painting is unlike anything else he has created.

“I can’t believe it’s been put on display,” she said.

“I don’t think this painting will be displayed anywhere.”

The exhibition of Nishimoto’s work, called “Sukimaki no kyu,” will open March 1 at the gallery in Tokyo’s Toyo Ward.

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