What’s in a name? A new wave of koi-themed restaurants is making sushi more popular

It’s a new wave that’s changing sushi menus and dining out in the U.S. More and more chefs are using koi, a fish that can be found around the world, to cook up new dishes and entertain diners.

It’s called koi sushi, and it’s popular with sushi lovers around the country, including some who’ve started opening their own koi restaurants.

Some are opening their koi shops in the middle of their busy seasons.

But others are looking to the koi as a novelty, a way to break away from the blandness of sushi menus.

“The idea behind koi is it’s a very, very colorful and vibrant creature,” said Paul Hildebrand, founder and CEO of the Japanese restaurant and restaurant review website The Flavorist.

“If you’re looking for a new dining experience, you can go with a different creature.”

The new wave includes chefs who are also chefs.

“I really like koi and it works well,” said David Stadler, a former sushi chef and chef-owner of the legendary Japanese sushi restaurant Tokyo Fog, and a former chef at the popular sushi restaurant Chubby Mac.

“You can really see a difference in how the kaiju looks, how the meat looks, and the flavor.”

The difference, he said, is the way it’s cooked.

“You want it crispy, but it’s not cooked too hard,” Stadlers said.

“A lot of sushi restaurants will put the fish in a pan with sauce, but if you have a fish like the kahi, it’s just really easy to get it to look nice and crispy.”

Sushi lovers, who are hungry for a different way to enjoy sushi, can find their new sushi options on menus around the U

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