Why we’re sooo into Koi and Koi Fish wallpaper and menu

We all love to watch the new Koi koi movie, but there’s nothing quite like the sushi they serve at the Koi pond in Bangkok.

In fact, it’s such a joy to watch as I’ve seen them all the time on TV, I feel I’ve become a real sushi connoisseur.

Koi fish can be served with either fish, shellfish or vegetable, depending on how you like them.

The fish on the menu, though, is something else entirely.

These little guys are quite big, but they don’t get very big if they’re kept in an aquarium.

They grow in a bowl, like the Japanese and Chinese fish do, and when they’re ready to eat, they just pop out of it.

It’s one of the few fish dishes that’s really simple, and you don’t have to fuss with the rest of the dishes to make it work.

Koipi is a popular choice in Thai restaurants.

Koipsi  is served in a round, plastic container and is often topped with a fried egg.

The fried egg is a traditional Thai dish.

It is made of the shellfish called kokoy, which are made by removing the outer layer of flesh from a fish.

A bowl of kokipi

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