Which of these Japanese kids is the best at drawing animals?

Posted February 11, 2018 07:12:33 The first thing to know about the new mascot is that it’s called “Koi no Uta.”

In Japanese, that means “the beautiful bird,” but it also means “love” and “beautiful,” as you can see from the title.

Koko is a Japanese word for “beauty.”

It means “covetousness” in Japanese.

Kiki is a French word for bird, while Nana is a German word for flower.

The word “Nana” translates to “a beautiful flower.”

The Koko-Nana team is trying to translate Koko as “love.”

And they’re making a cute Kiki.

The team says they hope to have Koko and Kiki appear on the Japanese version of “Pokémon Go,” which is being released in the U.S. on March 10.

The game, which is called Pokémon Go: The First Encounter, is based on the Pokémon series.

It’s an online multiplayer game in which players catch and battle Pokémon and other creatures in a real-time environment.

It has more than 1.5 billion users worldwide.

It launched on iOS and Android in March.

Kiko and Koko, who are Japanese, and Kiko-Nanaju, who is English, are part of the first generation of Pokémon.

They’re part of a series called the Kiko family, named after the Koko family of Japan.

Kio, who has been in the series for three decades, is the last of the Kino family, which includes the other Kiko, a character from the Japanese television show Pokémon.

Kino is the name of a Pokémon trainer from Japan.

The two characters are named after a couple of Japanese words: 其子 and 二子, which means “a flower.”

It’s also the name for the Kinki family, the most popular family in Japan.

They’ve been together since the late 1970s.

Nana and Nana-Kiki are two of the characters featured in the Pokémon Go franchise.

In the game, players can catch Pokémon in various locations, such as caves and in cities.

Players can also meet and battle other Pokémon.

It also allows players to communicate with each other through text messages and social media.

In addition to Kiki and Koki, there are three other Kino characters: Nana, Kio and Naka.

Kinki and Niki are based on Japanese folklore and mythology.

Nika is a dragon, Nana a fish, and Nuka is a frog.

They are based off characters from Japanese folklore, such a Nana or Nana of the Wind, Naka of the Sky, and so on.

Pokémon Go is the third major release in the franchise.

It began as a Kickstarter campaign in March 2018.

It is the second major Pokémon release after Pokémon X and Y, which was released in August.

The franchise is owned by Nintendo.

Pokémon GO has raised more than $5 billion from more than 4.2 million backers, including a record $1 billion for the first Pokémon game.

It was launched in the United States and Canada on March 5.

It will be available in the European Union on April 7.

KIKO is a brand name for a family of kiko.

The name comes from the word kiki, meaning “love,” and was given to Koko when she was a baby.

NANA is a character in the Japanese TV series Pokémon, from Pokémon anime.

The Japanese name of the kiko family is “Kikokon”.

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