How to stop blackwater’s massive killing of wildlife in Florida

As the number of wildlife kills increases across the country, a group of hunters is fighting back by creating a website to help track the deaths.

The Blackwater Creek Wildlife Sanctuary is a nonprofit dedicated to protecting wildlife and its habitats in the Blackwater and St. Johns rivers in the St. Augustine area.

On its website, the group says it’s a sanctuary for wildlife in a state that’s struggling with the influx of illegal wildlife.

“There’s a number of different issues, and I’m sure there’s a lot of them, that have to do with the people that live in the area, but they’re not all the same,” said Steve Brown, founder of the Blackwaters Creek Wildlife Refuge.

Brown is also the founder of a website that tracks the number and location of wildlife killed in Florida.

The website, which has been running since April, shows the number, location and date of each wildlife kill.

The numbers are not always the same, as some wildlife kills occur in the same area and others occur in remote areas.

The site also shows a range of the types of wildlife killing.

For instance, on the St Johns River, there were more than 1,000 animal kills in the first half of this year, but in the second half of last year there were fewer than 400.

Brown said the wildlife killings are happening at an alarming rate in Florida because of the number who are coming into the state illegally.

“It’s not a big enough problem for people to be afraid of these people coming into Florida, but it is a huge problem for wildlife and the people who live there,” Brown said.

The group wants to change that by starting a website for Florida’s wildlife.

“They’re going to be able to see the numbers of these wildlife kills and what it’s like to live in those areas and also get a sense of how people are living,” Brown told Fox News.

The sanctuary has also set up a hotline to help spread the word.

If you live in Florida and would like to help, call 407-964-6161.

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