What’s next for koi gallant?

The first generation of koi are still relatively young.

But their numbers have been increasing rapidly.

It’s now estimated that around 100,000 live in Australia, and the country is on track to reach 1 million by 2023.

But that’s not enough to keep up with the demand for them.

This is due to their popularity among tourists and in their native habitats.

They’re also being exported to exotic areas like Japan, China and Korea, where they can be used in traditional dishes like sushi.

Here’s a guide to what you need to know about the world’s first koi.

What is koi?

Koi are a tropical species of kangaroo.

The name refers to the Japanese word for “little kangaroos”.

They’re a mix of kumara and kangaroo, meaning “small”, “little” or “distant”.

They have a long, narrow tail, and have a round head.

Their eyes are small and almond shaped, with a wide mouth.

Their skin is dark grey, and they’re covered with black, curly hair.

Koi range in size from two to 10cm, with some being as small as a pencil eraser.

They live in wet areas of Australia and New Zealand, and can be found in both savannah and rainforest.

The first kongaroos were brought to Australia by the Japanese in 1842, and it was not until 1949 that the first breeding pairs of koins arrived.

In 1947, a breeding pair of koens was brought to the US, and soon koins were introduced into the wild.

The koins are still closely associated with Australia’s kangaland, which is a range of native vegetation in the south-east of the country.

Koins are not the only koi species in Australia.

They also inhabit many of the other states in the country, but also in the Northern Territory, Queensland and Western Australia.

What do they eat?

Kois are meat eaters, with an appetite for fruit, vegetables and meat.

They do well in cold environments, as they can withstand a short cold snap, but can also be active during hot weather.

They are also known for their good appetite for raw meat, which can be eaten raw.

Kois have been known to eat rabbits, squirrels, rats and other small animals, but most of their diet consists of meat and shellfish.

Koin are omnivores and don’t need to eat many plants or animals.

They can eat fruits and vegetables, but are generally vegetarian.

Koines also live in cold areas, where a lack of heat means they don’t get colds and they don

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